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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A promise of a father to a son

I promise you, my son, with a gentleman's word that:

I will never let my ego come in between you and your dreams.
I will always guide you on the right path that I feel is the best for you but will never ever drag you to a path that I wanted to follow but could never.
I will never treat you as an investment.  You are not a fixed deposit or mutual fund for me that will mature after 20-25 years and will give me good returns.  You are simply my life and hence priceless.
I will always keep faith in you and your decisions because it is I who will be teaching you to take the right decisions in life, which means that if I don't keep faith in you, then I have no faith in myself.
I will always be with you, come what may, whatever be the difficulties, whatever be the tribulations, and whenever you want me to be there.
Your life is entirely yours and you DO NOT owe me anything simply because I brought you to this world. You are a free individual with your own free life and aspirations and I will never come in between them.
I will use my emotions only to strengthen you and never to weaken you or blackmail you.  Your emotions will always have priority before mine and I will be there to support you.
I will never blame you for not achieving something or failing in something just because I wanted you to win.  Your win is my win and your failing is my failing.  If ever you fail, I will be always there to lift you up and tighten your belts to help you fight again whenever you are ready.
I will never make you run a race that I have never won or even run.  In fact, it is for you to chose your races and even to decide if  you want it or not.
I will love you come what may, whether you are successful or not successful, whether you make me proud or not, or whether you win or lose, because my love and you, both are priceless to me.

I give you this promise because I know that you are my son and you are destined to do something great in life, to create your own niche in this world, and to leave it a better place to live.  I have faith in you because I have faith in myself and the Almighty.  I will simply let you blossom into whatever you want to be.  Just give everything your best shot - both with your mind and your heart.  Love...your dad