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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to the world of little angels friends!

Children are the true image of God.  They are the purest and the most selfless humans you can ever find on earth.  They don't care what you are or who you are - they simply love you no matter what.  They don't understand any language, religion, caste, or creed - they only love you as humans.  This is what inspired us to write this blog - for the children and their parents both.  Because as parents, we need to learn and understand many new things about our little angels.  To care and raise a child is no child's game.  We know it and many of you would be knowing it too from their experience.

This blog is an outcome of our deep desire to create content on the web that can be accessed and used by all and everyone and that can be truly enriching and informative for new parents who are sometimes confused, or worse, misled by many wrong notions about childcare.  So, no further boring you all with our speech, we welcome you all to the wonderful and exciting world of "Bundle of joy - we and our angels."

You comments are very valuable to us and we would appreciate if you could help us know more.  No one is perfect and so are we.  We all are students in this school of life and no one is perfect without errors.  We would like to hear and learn from you.  Although we write our articles after conducting thorough research, still there are chances of errors creeping in.  If you find that there is any error or misinformation reported in our site, please contact us immediately and tell us about the error so that we can rectify it and prevent any further parents from being misguided.  By doing this, you will be helping both us, yourselves, and the entire community at large.

Thanks and happy parenting!!

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