Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I brought a walker for my kid?

As parents, one of our best moments is when our child crosses any milestone in his/her development, which includes his first smile, first rollover, first time standing on his knees, first time standing up with support, and what not. The joy that he gets when he reaches his goal after falling innumerable times and again getting up without getting disheartened makes us feel like we are on heaven. Sometimes I wonder where that quality of bouncing back after falling down goes away when we grow up. As children, we are never bothered about defeats or setbacks, may be because we cannot think much and we concentrate only on trying harder and living the moment with the best of what we can do. But as we grow up and as we can think, the first thing we do is to think about different ways, different permutations and combinations of how a particular thing cannot be done rather than finding ways of doing it. In this matter, I strongly believe we should learn from children who simply start doing and don't think whether they can or not. getting to the point, we wanted to buy a new walker for our little one as he has started to climb over things and has started to stand on his own. Now as with all things in life, we want to give him the best and nothing less than that. So, we decided to do some good research on this topic on the net and with friends. We did find some good sources in the net about various criteria for buying a good walker. An excellent article on Hubpages was also there.

Finally, we went ahead and brought a walker for him. It cost us around 600 bucks, pretty cheap if you look at the joy that he got when he found out that he can explore the house using his new vehicle. Now he can fulfill all his fantasies of getting up to that table which he also wanted to see what is on top of it, taking out the things on top of the computer table and throwing them down, kicking the ball and then chasing it, and even chase us wherever we move around. Some joys are really parasitic, they get transmitted easily...this was one of them.

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